Montexaquez Oliva Selección

Montexaquez Oliva Selección

Our work starts in the grove with comprehensive care of our olive trees so that we provide the best raw material for our extra virgin olive oil, olives «hojiblanca» and «lechín of Seville» typical of the region.

Our factory is equipied with modern oil instalations for the production of our excellent extra virgin olive oil.

The process of getting our extra virgin olive oil begins with the harvesting of the olives in their optimum ripeness and immediately transport to the mill, where it comes to cleaning, crushing, mixing and spinning completely cold. Liquid Gold arrives at our facilities obtained within 24 hours after harvesting of the olives, thereby preserves the maximum healthy and organoleptic properties of the flagship product of the Mediterranean Diet.




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Aceite Viñas Viejas

Extra Virgin Olive Oil «Old Vines». Made the first days of campaign Lechines turning color olives, picked at its ripest. The result is an extra virgin olive oil with nice body and character, highlighting its intense fruity green olive with hints of other green fruits. In the mouth, sweet entry with balanced bitterness and pungency. Packaged in a black high-necked bottle of 500 ml.[/box]