Extra virgin olive oil of our own harvest

Montexaquez Oliva

Our family is dedicated to the traditional production of extra virgin olive oil with excellent quality with the common olives of the variety Hojiblanca and Lechin of Seville within own production. The ranch is located in the village Montejaque, an exceptional place located in the Serranía of Ronda, Málaga, included in the Natural Park of Sierra de Grazalema, Andalusia, Spain.

We carefully treatment with the centenarians olive-trees, which provides the best raw material for the elaboration of extra virgin olive oil that you are able to find and order in our online shopping store.

To achieve this high quality in extra virgin olive oil we must start the production with the harvest of the olives in their optimum condition and their immediately transport to the mill, where we clean, mill, whisk and do the press, everything in cold. The “liquid gold” arrives to the oil factory of Montexaquez Oliva within less than 24 hours, this way, we conserve all the healthy properties and organoleptic characteristics of our extra virgin olive oil…

[quote]The star product of the Mideterranean Diet![/quote]